About Us

Pastors Derrick and Octavia Roberts are natives of Atlanta, Georgia. Consequently, they were not always seen in a positive light in the community. To the locals they were drug dealers polluting the community. The Roberts thought they were living the highlife until things started to take a down spiral. Although money was coming in, their turnaround came after police raided their home in a drug bust. Not to mention, shortly afterwards they lost everything in a fire. After these situations occurred, the Roberts decided they wanted and needed more for their family. The incident caused them to turn to the church for direction. After watching numerous of broadcasts, the Roberts were led to World Changers Church International. As of 2003, the Roberts have been serving as active members of World Changers Church International under Pastor Creflo & Taffi Dollar.

As members of World Changers, the Roberts began to experience a new way of life. They saw themselves shying away from their old lifestyle. Derrick stopped smoking. Octavia stopped using profanity and most importantly they learned how to become better spouses and parents to their now six children: Quentavious 24, Quenecia 23, Jordyn 19, Derrick Jahrie 17, London 10, Lauryn 6 and Denver Rose 2 year old. It wasn’t long before the two would venture out and teach others what they were learning from Pastor Dollar. The Roberts decided to open their homes to the community to preach Bible study after hearing Pastor Dollar preach about listening and obeying the voice of the Lord. It was and is still known today as Tuesday Church. Tuesday was significant because bible study at World Changers was on a Wednesday. Therefore, on Wednesday nights they could still attend services at their home church. One particular night while sitting in church, Derrick heard the voice of the Lord tell him to start a church. After he revealed the information to Octavia, they both laughed at the idea. Derrick was not aware the Lord had already told his wife to start a church. She asked the Lord to tell Derrick so that it would be confirmation. They were content with hosting bible study and attending World Changers. Besides, they thought about who they were, where they were from and how they looked. But since the Lord spoke directly to the both of them, they decided to obey; thus Open Wings Ministries was born.

On August 4, 2006, Ministers Derrick and Octavia Roberts along with their sister Lashuntres Redmon, introduced Open Wings Ministries. The name Open Wings Ministries symbolizes outstretched arms that represent the never failing, unconditional love of God. They believed it was the teaching and wisdom imparted into them from their spiritual father that gave them the confidence to finally go out and spread the good news to the world. Mr. & Mrs. Roberts are not your typical suit and tie pastors. In fact, it is their appearance that continues to draw today’s youth. The Roberts believe God uses not only their story but their appearance to teach the uncompromising Word of God. They are committed to demonstrating the love of God through their lifestyle.

The goal of Open Wings Ministries is to positively impact the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Eventually, their home became too small to hold the host of people that would come. Therefore, the Roberts decided to host a conference call where people all over the world could come together, receive prayer, and encouragement and most importantly, the Word of God.

Since 2006, the Roberts have travelled to numerous cities throughout the United States preaching the gospel to all who will listen. With their tattoos and hats flipped towards the back they continue to amaze people because as they like to say, they look like “them” but they sound like “HIM.”

Open Wings Ministries was inducted into CDMA Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association October 2011. Most recently, they have joined forces with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed alongside the Atlanta Police Department in the “We Are Atlanta” movement. This is a movement geared towards the empowerment of young people to act strategically and not violently against prejudices within the community. With God’s help they are determined to put justice and unity back into the community.

Derrick and Octavia Roberts are totally sold out for Jesus Christ. They plan to defy the odds of the world by saving a nation that is believed to be lost.
There is no time like the present….